Felix Mendelssohn as Conductor 1846

Mendelssohn Conducting Elijah

Elijah Score

1846 was possibly one of the most significant Festivals as Mendelssohn conducted the first performnace of Elijah which he had written expressly for the Festival. It was to be performed at every subsequent Festival.


25 - 28 August 1846

Vocal: Madame Grisi, Madame Caradori Allan, Miss Bassano, Miss A Williams, Miss Maria B Hawes, Miss M Williams, Signor Mario, Mr Braham, Mr Hobbs, Mr Lockey, Herr Staudigl, Mr H Phillips, Signor F Lablache, Mr Machin.


Instumental: Mon Mendelssohn, Mr Moscheles (Piano), Dr Gauntlett (Organ)

25 August 1846: Haydn, The Creation and four Rossini arias
26 August 1846: Mendelssohn, Elijah. First performance composed expressly for the Festival. In Part III Handel's Coronation Anthem and arias by Mozart and Cimaroso.
27 August 1846: Handel, The Messiah
28 August 1846: Part I Beethoven, Grand Mass in D. Part II Various organ works performed by Dr Gauntlett and arias.

26 August 1846: Grand Miscellaneous Concert including in Part I Beethoven's Symphony in A, Moscheles Fantasia Piano Forte with himself as soloist and various songs/arias. In Part II Spohr's Faust Overture and various songs/arias.
27 August 1846: Second Miscellaneous Concert. Part I various songs/arias and overtures by Verdi, Donizetti, Mozart and Rossini. In Part II The music to Mendelssohn's Midsummer Night's Dream and various songs/arias.


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