Artists Who Performed At The Festivals


In this section of the site I have included lists of:


Solo Singers


Solo Instrumentalists




who performed at the festivals. There are many singers whose first names I have not been able to establish. Over time I hope to fill in these blanks.


There is a small gallery with images of some of the outstanding singers who came to Birmingham. These include:


Elizabeth Billington - 1787, 1802, 1805 & 1808

Angelica Catalani - 1811, 1814 & 1823

Giulia Grisi - 1837, 1846 & 1855

Luigi Lablache - 1840, 1846 & 1849

Maria Malibran Garcia - 1829

Gertrude Mara - 1790 & 1796

Giovani Mario - 1846, 1849, 1855 & 1864

Christine Nilsson - 1867

Adelina Patti - 1861 & 1864

Henriette Sontag - 1849

Enrico Tamberlick - 1852 & 1858

Antonio Tamburini - 1837

Pauline Viardot Garcia - 1852, 1855 & 1858


There are a significant number of other great singers who are not included on the list above but can be found on the main list.

In the “Festivals” section of the site I have listed for each conductor, details of the festivals he conducted. For each festival I have shown the dates of the festival, details of singers and soloists who performed and the major works performed at the festival. Time constraints have prevented me from listing individual songs and arias performed so, regrettably, it has been necessary for me to simply show “various songs/arias”.


The Solo Singers and Instrumentalists lists on this section of the site are searchable and intended as a quick guide only to show the festivals at which that person performed.

Birmingham Triennial Music Festivals